The Nuiority plugin provides the interface between a motion capture camera, e.g. Microsoft Kinect and the NUI application. It abstracts camera vendor specific details and operating system details from the application, enabling the developer to focus on developing innovative and exciting applications.


Allows NUI applications to consume motion camera data, and store / retrieve application data. Provides seemless communication with the application run-time environment eg. Facebook app environment

Application Management

Nuiority provides a management console to enable the NUI application developer to manage application versions, deploy applications and access application-related analytics.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Nuiority provides a full service platform. Focus on building your applications and leave the cloud-hosting of your NUI applications to us. Nuiority provides high availability cloud hosting for your NUI applications.

Facebook Integration

Deploy your application to where the users are. Nuiority provides seamless integration with Facebook to make your application available to more than 800 million Facebook users. Build revolutionary real-time social interactive Facebook apps that can be used by Facebook friends in different geographical locations at the same time.